State Laws & Charts

If employees can find 30 minutes for a lunch break somewhere in their busy days, and you have a procedure, which employees know how to use, for overriding software that auto-deducts for meals, then employees can’t claim you didn’t know they were working through lunch. Result: No liability under the Fair Labor Standards Act.
The Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court has now extended triple-penalty wages to commissions an employee would have earned, had she not been fired.
Who’s showering you with love now? Most likely, it’s employees who have misplaced their W-2s and need new forms. Don’t give them the cold shoulder. You need a foolproof strategy to deal with reissued W-2s.
You have one additional day to deal with employees’ W-2s, since Jan. 31 is a Sunday. This is cold comfort. Check off these final items from your to-do list.
A regular flu season is bad enough. Pair the flu with covid-19 and it may be extraordinarily difficult to manage the impact on your workplace this winter. Employees who are already working at home can still get sick and may still need some downtime. Your challenge is to stay within the guidelines set by the Fair Labor Standards Act.
There will be no skeletons jumping out of closets or floating pumpkins glaring at you if you take care of these early year-end tasks now.
The death toll from covid-19 has now passed 100,000. It’s time to revisit a topic we always dread: paying deceased employees’ final wages.
States may raise their unemployment contribution rates next year. Strategy: If you’re willing to budget just a little bit more—by paying so-called voluntary contributions—you may come out ahead.
The coronavirus pandemic has forced some employers to make tough choices about terminating employees. If that’s the case in your company, you need to consider what goes into a final paycheck and when that check must be given to employees you’re letting go.
Employees working at home during the coronavirus pandemic have had no problems getting paid if they have direct deposit or you load their pay on paycards. Employees who still opt for paper checks weren’t that lucky. With e-pay options now in the foreground, it’s time to reach out to the dwindling few who still receive paper checks.